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What Are the Noise Sources of the Whole Cement Rotary Kiln System?


When a set of high-yield cement rotary kiln system is equipped, the noise environment requirements are relatively strict, so many noise reduction equipment and low-noise equipment are added in the early stage of construction, such as vertical mill, screw air compressor and so on. Various methods are also used together to reduce environmental noise, effectively prevent the impact of noise on operators and surrounding environment, and have an excellent effect. So what are the noise sources of the whole cement rotary kiln system?

The noise sources of the whole cement rotary kiln system include: exhaust fan system at kiln head and kiln tail, cooling fan system, waste heat power generation system, circulating fan system, high temperature fan system at kiln tail, raw meal homogenization silo system, etc. These systems can generate some noise to different degrees. The company's personnel can analyze the noise according to its size, type and direction, and then adopt different sound insulation methods to make the noise reach the national standard without affecting the operators and the surrounding environment.

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