What Are the Precautions for the Ignition Process of the Rotary Kiln?

时间:2021-05-27 作者 :超级管理员

Rotary kilns often have some small details during the ignition process, which requires us to pay more attention to this aspect. If we encounter similar problems during the production process, we must operate according to the following requirements so that the ignition can be completed. Let’s take a look. :

Rotary kiln

1. Feeding coal too early (or too much coal): pulverized coal is not easy to burn, even if the amount of coal is not much, the chimney will emit black smoke, the color of the fire will become darker and darker, and even no flames should be seen. At this time, reduce the amount of coal Or suspend the feeding of coal, and after the temperature rises up, send an appropriate amount of coal into the rotary kiln.

  2. Excessive air exhaust: The flame is quickly pulled to the back, but the bright area becomes darker, and the cooling tube almost emits no smoke, and the flame stretches and shrinks and counterattacks fiercely. At this time, you should close the small exhaust fan gate to reduce the pulling wind to stabilize the flame.

3. Exhaust air is too small: the rotary kiln is dark, the space from the wood to the kiln entrance is full of gas, and a large amount of thick ash containing carbon monoxide is sprayed from the gap between the cooling cylinder and the kiln door to choke or poison people, and it is difficult to observe in the kiln . At this time, a large exhaust sluice should be opened to increase the drawing air to restore a clearer situation in the kiln.

  4. One time the wind is too big: the flame is swaying and swirling, and under the condition of proper amount of coal powder, the black fire hair will be yellow. At this time, the air volume should be reduced once.

   5. One-time wind is too small: After the coal powder is sprayed out, the coal particles will fall, and the flame will be soft and weak. At this time, the air volume should be increased once.

Now, everyone can generally understand the precautions for the ignition process of the rotary kiln, and the avoidance methods to avoid the several problems mentioned in the text. I hope that the content explained in the text will be helpful to everyone. Pay attention to this aspect in the future use of the equipment. problem.