What are the requirements for the manufacturing process of rotary kiln body?

时间:2020-10-17 作者 :adminhk

1. Open hearth furnace steel plate shall be used for kiln body, and the material shall meet the requirements, and the section shall be free from defects, which shall be confirmed as qualified after test.

2. Make typesetting according to steel plate material and specification.

3. Pair up.

4. According to the actual requirements, use cutting machine to cut the plate head.

5. In the welding range, remove rust, oil, etc.

6. Select the place for assembly and make supporting device to prevent deformation.

7. Welding shall be carried out according to the welding process requirements of kiln body.

8. Check according to the drawing, and the steps should be carried out according to the drawing.

After many times of testing and inspection, mark the kiln according to the requirements, mark the specification, model, length and tolerance of the kiln body, and take measures to prevent deformation when not in use