What is Dry Process Cement Kiln?

时间:2022-01-07 作者 :超级管理员

Dry-process cement kiln is also called external kiln decomposition kiln. It adopts external kiln decomposition kiln technology and DCS (computer distributed control) automatic control system. The equipment is produced by well-known manufacturers at home and abroad. It is the most advanced equipment at present, and fully realizes the automation of cement production. This technology is an industrial technology implemented during the "Tenth Five-Year Plan" period of China.

1) In the process of raw meal preparation, the limestone mines are collocated and excavated, the raw materials are pre-homogenized, and the raw material batching, raw meal grinding, raw meal pneumatic homogenization and other links are closely coordinated and connected to ensure the uniform and stable quality of the raw meal.

2) The raw material ingredients and cement ingredients use the most advanced speed-regulating belt scales in China, and the raw material feeding and pulverized coal measurement at the kiln end adopts equipment imported from Switzerland and Japan to ensure accurate measurement and stabilize the thermal system in the kiln, which is conducive to improving the product quality.

3) The drying and grinding system is adopted, so that drying and grinding are completed in the mill at the same time, and the waste gas discharged from the preheater or cooler is used as the drying medium to save energy. In terms of raw material crushing, a one-stage impact crusher has been developed to replace the previous two-stage or three-stage crushing, which simplifies the process.

4) The central control computer system is used to monitor and measure the operating parameters of each system of the production line; the fluorescence analyzer is used to quickly analyze and detect various quality parameters in the production process, and realize the multi-element or oxidation of Ai, S, K, Ca, Fe, etc. At the same time, it can quickly analyze the material, adjust the ingredients automatically in time, and realize the automation, modernization and scientific production control. The homogenization of raw meal adopts a new type of multi-flow (MF) airflow homogenization library, so that the raw meal entering the kiln has good uniformity. It ensures the continuous and stable quality of raw meal and cement.

5) Use suspension preheating and decomposition technology to replace the method of accumulation state preheating and decomposition in the rotary kiln, so that the clinker calcination reaction is sufficient, and high-quality clinker is ensured.

6) The equipment is large-scale, and the single-machine production capacity is greatly improved;

7), pay attention to noise reduction, dust removal, pay attention to environmental protection, and have little environmental pollution.

8). This process has stricter requirements on raw materials, the calcined clinker contains low alkali content and other harmful components of trace elements, the clinker is fully sintered, f-Cao, ignition loss is low, and silicate The mineral content is high, so the clinker has high strength and is uniform and stable.

9) Comprehensive utilization of heat energy: the exhaust gas from the kiln tail is used as the heat source for drying coal mill and raw meal mill, and the waste heat of clinker cooling in the grate cooler is used in the kiln and decomposition furnace, saving energy.

In a word, the whole production process of the calcination process outside the kiln decomposition kiln has good homogenization of raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products, strict production process control and testing, optimized clinker calcination process, automatic control, quality control, process equipment, measurement and other aspects. It is superior to other calcination processes, thus ensuring the stability, reliability and good physical properties of high-strength cement, creating a favorable condition for the construction of high-quality buildings. Compared with the cement produced by other types of cement kilns such as vertical kiln, wet rotary kiln, suspension preheater kiln and other types of cement kiln, the produced cement products have: high strength, uniformity and stability, low hydration heat, Low alkali content, good dry shrinkage deformation, frost resistance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance and durability; strong weathering resistance