Wireless Temperature Measurement System for Rotary Kiln

时间:2020-06-15 作者 :adminhk

The working performance of rotary kiln is obvious to all. If the equipment wants to play a better role, a set of precise detection system is needed. Speaking of this, we have to mention the wireless temperature measurement system of rotary kiln. The equipment adopts the latest wireless communication technology to transmit the temperature data measured by thermocouple to the operation room for display. The kiln temperature transmitter is powered by battery and can collect multiple thermocouple signals at the same time. It is installed on the kiln body and rotates along with the cylinder body. Due to the heat insulation measures, it can withstand the radiation high temperature of the cylinder above 300 ℃, and is resistant to rain, sun and vibration.

The receiver is installed in the operation room, which can directly display the temperature in the kiln, and has 4-20mA output, which can be sent to the computer or other instruments for display. This set of equipment is not only simple in structure, convenient in installation, reliable in operation, economical and practical, but also accurate and stable in data, less maintenance and long service life.

The working area of rotary kiln can be divided into three sections, namely drying section, heating section and roasting section. In the rotary kiln, the ore is roasted and dehydrated, and the weight is reduced by about 30%. At the same time, nickel oxide and part of iron are reduced by reducing agent in charge. A sealed discharging device is set at the discharge end of the rotary kiln. The nickel slag is sent to the thermal insulation feeding bin of the submerged arc furnace at the temperature of 600-900 ℃ under the heat insulation state, and then evenly distributed to the submerged arc furnace through a sealed tubular distribution device. The ratio of diameter and length of rotary kiln is different according to the different treatment methods of furnace charge. The burner structure of rotary kiln is very important. The flame length and stiffness can be adjusted effectively to ensure the temperature of three working areas in the furnace within the range of process requirements. In addition, the flue gas of rotary kiln should be fully considered to dry the furnace charge, so as to save energy.