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Working Principle of Rotary Kiln


Rotary kiln is quite common in our daily life, but many users only know its application and classification, but most people know nothing about its working principle. In order to understand a product, we must start from the inside to really facilitate the work in the future. Therefore, the technical department of our company has sorted out the following contents:

On the one hand, rotary kiln is a combustion equipment, in which pulverized coal combustion generates heat; at the same time, it is also a heat transfer equipment, raw materials absorb the heat of gas for calcination. In addition, sometimes the conveying equipment transports the raw materials from the feeding end to the discharging end. The fuel combustion, heat transfer and raw material movement must be coordinated reasonably so that the heat generated by fuel combustion can be transferred to raw materials in time when the raw materials pass through the rotary kiln, which has reached the goal of high yield, high quality and low consumption.

The process of material calcination is raw material feeding from the cold end of the kiln. Because the kiln has a certain inclination (generally 3-3.5%), with the help of the continuous rotary motion track, the raw material continuously moves to the hot end, and is stirred in the rotary kiln (rotary kiln), so that the materials mix and contact with each other for reaction. The natural end of the fuel is injected, which burns and releases heat under the air combustion and produces high-temperature flue gas. The hot gas flows from the natural end to the secondary end under the drive of the fan. The heat is transmitted to the material by the radiation of the flame, convection of the hot gas, conduction of the kiln brick (kiln skin), etc., while the material and flue gas exchange heat in the process of reverse movement. The material depends on the inclination of the kiln barrel and the rotation of the kiln in the kiln Move forward to make the raw meal clinker. If we want to maintain a certain filling coefficient in the kiln, we need to make the rotation speed and feeding speed of the kiln match each other, and maintain a certain proportion; this is also the process conditions for improving the output, quality, stabilizing the thermal system, and overcoming agglomeration.

The working principle of the rotary kiln is introduced here for you. After understanding the working principle of the equipment, it can be more helpful to use the equipment, improve the production efficiency, and increase the production efficiency. I hope the above content can help you to some extent.

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