Causes of Low Temperature in Sand Dryer Production

时间:2020-07-03 作者 :adminhk

Sand dryer is used to dry sand and dry its moisture content to a certain standard. As a dryer for handling a large number of materials, due to its reliable operation, large operation flexibility, strong adaptability and large processing capacity, there are always such problems in the production process. For example: dryer equipment low temperature. How to solve the problem when the dryer is in a low temperature state in operation.

Both ends of the cylinder body of the sand dryer are respectively extended into the feeding and discharging devices, the feeding chute is set in the feeding box, and the waist shaped holes for blanking and clearing are arranged on the inner side of the sealing plate at the lower end of the feeding box, so as to avoid material extrusion and blockage caused by dumping. The transmission device is composed of motor, reducer, coupling, pinion assembly and other parts. Before ignition, the sand must be screened and dried in the sun. After the fine sand is put into the furnace, the blower should be pre opened to observe the air volume and boiling. At the same time, carefully observe whether the fine sand boiling on the surface of the bellows is uniform, that is to say, whether the outlet hole of the hood is blocked. If the boiling effect is not good, it indicates that there is mud blocking the outlet hole of the air cap during the installation process. It must be removed carefully one by one before ignition operation. In case of low temperature coking, the fire tongue or fire block must be smashed with iron rake immediately and spread evenly. If there is large coke block, it must be quickly pulled out of the furnace. This kind of coking is easy to deal with. As long as the treatment is timely, the production will not be affected.