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Rotary Kiln Production Line

Equipment configuration of rotary kiln production line

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150tpd Lime Kiln Production Line

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The daily output of activated lime production line of 150 tons lime kiln is 150 tons a day. Of course, lime is widely used and can be seen around us.

The equipment of 150 t / D lime kiln production line consists of limestone raw material system, preheater, dl25-40 lime kiln, cooler, burner, fuel, dust removal and environmental protection equipment, lime kiln control system, etc.

Process flow of 150 t / D lime kiln production line: limestone raw material is crushed to form crushed limestone raw material pile, and then it enters into comfortable preheater through conveying and lifting equipment, and then enters into lime kiln from vertical preheater. After constant frequency inversion of lime kiln, it enters vertical cooler after being heated and calcined by burner flame, and the cooled lime is loaded or bagged The follow-up work, of course, the dust removal and environmental protection configuration of the whole process production line is also quite technical content, and the dust removal and environmental protection effect is realized through multi joint and multi-channel wind system.

Lime kiln production line with a daily output of 150 tons: the dl25-40 lime kiln is a direct 2.5m lime kiln with a length of 40m, an effective volume of 142m3, a combustion temperature of about 1250 ℃, an included angle of 3.5 and three supporting wheels.

The price calculation of the production line of 150 tons of lime kiln per day: the production equipment manufacturers of the production line of 150 tons daily lime kiln on the market are different, so the equipment produced is not the same, so we can't just look at the low price.

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