Bauxite Rotary Kiln

Bauxite rotary kiln is mainly for bauxite processing and preparation of rotary kiln, which is composed of rotary part, supporting part, transmission device, kiln head cover, kiln head and kiln tail seal, combustion device, etc. Bauxite is a kind of hydrated alumina. Its hardness is 1-3, opaque and soft. It is widely used in aluminum smelting industry and precision manufacturing industry.

Outstanding advantages of bauxite rotary kiln:

1. Bauxite rotary kiln mouth guard plate and kiln tail return scoop adopt block casting, which is easy to install and has high heat resistance, corrosion resistance and wear resistance; the cooling air in the kiln head cold air sleeve can evenly cool the kiln head barrel and kiln mouth guard plate.

2. The kiln head cover of bauxite rotary kiln adopts large volume mode, and the kiln door structure is opened to make the air flow more stable. The seal of kiln head and kiln tail adopts radial friction labyrinth and fish scale double seal, which has simple structure and convenient maintenance.

3. The combustion device of bauxite rotary kiln adopts swirl type four channel pulverized coal burner with oil injection ignition device.

4. Bauxite rotary kiln has low energy consumption, good stability and strong market price advantage.

5. Bauxite rotary kiln has the advantages of simple structure, reasonable design, simple and reliable operation, less personnel and stable process.

6. In the aspect of ecological environment protection, it also has some advantages, such as small environmental pollution, low maintenance and high operation rate.

7. It can be used in many kinds of fuel such as coal gas, coal powder and fuel oil. At present, there are also automatic bauxite rotary kiln, easy to use.