Magnesium Rotary Kiln

Our company specializes in the production of magnesium rotary kiln complete set of equipment and technology. The process raw material (dolomite) is crushed by a crusher. The qualified material (30-40mm) is sintered in rotary kiln and calcined into calcined white. It is cooled by cooling machine, grinded into powder by ball mill, and then pressed into ball by ball press. After crushing, it is mixed with ferrosilicon powder (containing 75% silicon) and fluorite powder (containing gaf2) = 95%) to form pellets. It is put into heat-resistant stainless steel reduction tank and placed in reduction furnace Crude magnesium was prepared by reduction at 1200-1250 ℃ and vacuum of 1.33pa. The finished magnesium ingot was obtained by flux refining, ingot casting and surface treatment.

The structure of magnesium rotary kiln is as follows

The equipment of magnesium rotary kiln consists of rotary cylinder, supporting device, supporting device with retaining wheel, sealing device at kiln head and kiln tail, coal injection pipe device, etc. The kiln body is inclined to the level, and the whole kiln body is supported by supporting wheel device, and the block wheel device is used to control the up and down movement of the kiln body. In addition to the main drive, the auxiliary transmission device is also set to ensure the kiln body to rotate slowly and prevent the kiln body from deformation when the main drive power supply is interrupted. The kiln head adopts shell cover seal, and the kiln tail is equipped with axial contact sealing device to ensure the reliability of sealing.

Performance characteristics of magnesium rotary kiln:

1. Our company's new magnesium rotary kiln has stable performance, low energy consumption, high output, simple operation, simple structure, convenient and reliable production process control, less vulnerable parts and high operation rate.

2. Through technological innovation, the new type calcination system of magnesium rotary kiln adopts the most advanced hydraulic wheel stop device at home and abroad, metering plunger pump with high metering accuracy, high-precision speed regulating valve and contact graphite block sealing device.

3. The equipment is more convenient and reliable than the past. Compared with the equipment of the same specification, the operation rate is increased by 10%, the output is increased by 5% - 10%, and the heat consumption is reduced by 15%.