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Ceramic Sand kiln

Feeding Granularity:Φ2.5×40m-Φ4.8×68m
Production Capacity:150-1000t/d
Application Range:
Ceramic rotary kiln is a crucial equipment when producing high quality ceramic sand.

Ceramsite Sand rotary kiln of Henan Hongke heavy machinery Co., ltd is a special rotary kiln for calcining raw materials of ceramsite.

 It is the main equipment for the production of ceramsite.

The rotary kiln is widely suitable for clay, yellow mud, silt, fly ash, shale, slag, etc.

The calcination and manufacture of various materials such as ceramsite.

It is also a very important equipment in the production line of ceramsite, which has the characteristics of high unit volume, long kiln life, high operating rate, stable operation, high heat transfer efficiency and low heat consumption.

Вращающаяся печь для обжига керамзита

We are a professional rotary kiln manufacturer in China, providing flowchart and installation service. According to different fuels, rotary kiln can be classified into gas-fired rotary kiln, oil-fired rotary kiln and coal-fired rotary kiln. It is widely used for different materials with a processing capacity of 180-1, 000 tons per day, a dimension ofφ2.5×40m-φ4.8×68m and cement production capacity of 50-1000t/d, being easy to operate and durable in use.

1.Having the advantage of energy-saving and also environment-protective.

2.Ceramic sand rotary kiln is the important equipment when manufacturing high quality ceramic sand.

Features of Ceramic Sand kiln

Rotary kiln is equipped with simple structure, a few wearing parts and high operation ratio which can ensure a reliable control during the production process.

Our factory has rugged structure with smooth operation and high quality outlet products.

We provide our customers with advanced, efficient vertical heating device as well as cyclone heating device.

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