Zinc Oxide Rotary Kiln

Hongke Zinc Oxide rotary kiln is a rotary kiln designed for Zinc Oxide, because Zinc Oxide is a fine powder, so we must make a specific rotary kiln for Zinc Oxide.The Zinc Oxide rotary kiln is widely used, not only for Zinc Oxide but also in other areas can be used, is the user’s preferred equipment.

Performance characteristics of Zinc Oxide rotary kiln:

(1) after adding active Zinc Oxide rubber, can make the rubber has good wear resistance, tear resistance and elasticity.

(2) Zinc Oxide as a white pigment. Because has good activation properties of activated zinc oxide, in the rubber product has been more and more widely used, such as in V type belt can not only instead of amount of ordinary zinc oxide and can be reduced to 1 / 2 – 1 / 3 the amount of the rubber performance and stability, curing performance is not affected, reduce the production cost.

(3) fine grained Zinc Oxide can be used as a medicine.

(4) due to zinc oxide on the UV absorption ability strong, the people are used to paint, printing ink, varnished cloth color, printing and dyeing industrial printing materials, in the match industry for neutralization oxhide glue acidity and increase the adhesive effect, the pharmaceutical industry is used as a raw material for plaster. Also used in paint.

(5) Zinc Oxide is also used in the field of pressure – sensitive, photo catalysis, photoelectric pole, paint, color TV, etc..

Working principle of Zinc Oxide rotary kiln:

Zinc oxide rotary kiln modification, purification, decomposition, oxidation, reduction of chemical engineering process and material during the calcination process in zinc oxide rotary kiln is static and dynamic motion, calcining time material larger specific surface area, heat transfer faster, calcining time shorter, swirl dynamic calcination is powdery materials and heating hot air mixed flow in the same direction forming heat and mass muddy maximum specific surface reach instant calcinations and guarantee in the rotary kiln sufficient heat exchange, decomposition, improve the product quality of the new process equipment. Zinc Oxide rotary kiln mainly consists of gas heater, gas solid mixer, rotary kiln body, gas solid separation collector. Pre calcining materials by gas solid mixer into zinc oxide in rotary kiln, gas heater with air mixed in a spiral flow, calcining process in after the completion of the moment, from the outlet of the furnace into the gas solid separator, after separation of the solids and gases from discharging mouth and a wind outlet discharge.