Hunan 1.5x8m Chicken Manure Dryer Delivery Site

The following pictures are from the delivery site of chicken manure dryer equipment sent to Hunan. For more information about the dryer, you can contact us Henan Hongke, or make a field investigation!


Chicken manure dryer can dry fresh chicken manure with moisture content as high as 70% - 80% through high temperature drying, disinfection and sterilization, decomposition and other processes to dry pure chicken manure with moisture content below 13%. The rotary drum dryer has high mechanization, large production capacity and continuous operation. It has the advantages of excellent structure, simple operation, smooth operation and convenient operation. It has the advantages of less fault, low maintenance cost and low power consumption. It has wide application range and good drying uniformity. At the same time, deodorization and drying can be achieved.