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  • Hongke Heavy Industries to participate in the 2024 Russian mining feast


    On April 23, 2024, a feast of the mining industry - MiningWorld Russia opened in Russia! This event has attracted numerous mining giants, experts,...

  • How to Adjust the Smoke Control Ratio of Lime Kiln Rotary Kiln


    As an important lime production equipment, lime kiln rotary kiln needs to control flue gas emission in the production process to protect the environment and improve production efficiency. This paper will introduce how to adjust the smoke control ratio o...

  • Operation Essentials of Cyclone Dust Collector


    The cyclone dust collector completes the dust removal process by rotating the dust-containing air in the cylinder body, so its operation and maintenance management are much more important than other mechanical dust collectors. The operation of cyclone d...

  • reasons for ring and egg formation in rotary kilns


    During the operation of rotary kilns, there is usually a phenomenon of ring formation. There are various reasons for ring formation in rotary kilns, and if not solved in a timely manner, it can easily affect production efficiency. The ring formation is ...

  • introduction to rotary kiln burners


    The multi-channel mixed gas burner is developed by Silver Flame Machinery to adapt to the actual situation where the calorific value of combustible waste gas in industries such as steel and chemical industry is too low and a single gas cannot meet the n...

  • how to solve the problem of running raw materials in rotary kilns?


    In the process of rotary kiln calcination production, in some cases, there may be a phenomenon of raw material running back from the rotary kiln. In severe cases, this can directly lead to the quality of the calcined product and cause losses to the ente...