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Kaolin Rotary Kiln

Application field: Suitable for industries such as paint and coatings, papermaking, rubber and plastic products, cables, ceramics, etc
  • Product Specification:

    Φ 2.5×40 - Φ 6.0×95

  • Production Capacity:

    180 - 1000 (T / d)

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    Product Description


    Working principle


    Product Description

    Kaolin calcining rotary kiln technology of low energy consumption, high yield, product by dehydration, stable performance, used in papermaking and coating industries, products listed since calcined kaolin ultrafine technology mature, domestic advanced. It represents the development direction of ultra-fine calcined kaolin.


    Wheeled cement kiln (cement kiln) for preparing dry and wet clinker.

    Rotary Kiln (Mining Chemistry): Magnetization and Oxidation of Roasted Iron Ore in Steel Plants

    Wheel kilns use high-strength aluminum ore for roasting in plant smelting.

    Rotary kilns used in aluminum alloy barbecue factories, chrome plated barbecue factories in chemical factories, and powder factories.

    Rotary kilns (lime kilns) are used for active calcification of lime and dolomite in steel and ferroalloy plants.

    Working principle

    Kaolin rotary kiln

    On the one hand, it is the burning equipment, which produces heat in the combustion of coal, while the heat transfer equipment, and the heat of the material absorbs the gas to be burnt. In addition, sometimes the conveying equipment, the raw material from the feed end to the discharge end. And fuel combustion, heat transfer and raw material must be reasonably fit to make fuel combustion heat energy in the raw materials by rotary kiln rotary kiln in raw materials, to achieve the purpose of high yield, high quality, low consumption. A, using the most advanced hydraulic gear at home and abroad. B, the metering plunger pump with high measuring accuracy. C, high precision speed control valve and contact type graphite block sealing device and other domestic advanced technology. D, convenient operation, reliable use. E, stable thermal system, improve the operation rate of equipment. F, compared with the same specifications, operating rate increased by 10%, the yield increased by 5%-10%, heat consumption decreased by 15%.




    Kiln dimensions



    Rotation speed


    Motor power


    Total weight


    Φ2.5×502.55032000.62-1.8655187.37Outside disassemble kiln
    Φ2.5×502.55032000.62-1.8655187.37Outside disassemble kiln
    Φ2.5×502.55032000.62-1.8655187.37Outside disassemble kiln
    Φ2.5×502.55032000.62-1.8655187.37Outside disassemble kiln

    Why choose this Kaolin Rotary Kiln ?

    The kaolin Rotary kiln has simple external structure and reasonable internal structure, which is convenient for installation, operation and maintenance.
    The operation of the kiln cylinder is very uniform, with low heat loss and low failure rate.
    The sealing inside the kiln is relatively reasonable, which can reduce the overflow of dust and reduce dust pollution.
    This equipment is equipped with an automatic cooling device, which can improve the recycling rate of materials and increase production.

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