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Double Drum Rotary Dryer

Application Fields: mining industry,cement industry, metallurgical industry,construction materials industry,nonferrous industry, chemical industry,port industry,etc.
  • Product Specification:

    Φ 2.5×40 - Φ 6.0×95

  • Production Capacity:

    180 - 1000 (T / d)

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    Product Description


    Working principle


    Product Description

    Double drum rotary dryer is composed of inner drum, external drum, roller, belt supporting device, driving device, feeding and discharging device and sealing device, which is a direct-type rotary dryer. The double rotary drum dryer can be used for drying clay, coal, slag and iron powder as well as other bulk materials in the industries of metallurgy and chemical engineering.


    1. High heat efficiency and obvious energy saving effect

    2. Reasonable drying theory, high efficiency and energy saving

    3. The processing set-up is improved by shortened length

    4. The materials and hot air adopts fair current drying technology with wide application range

    5. Compact structure, simple installation, reliable operation and high running rate

    Working principle

    When the temperature arrives at 400℃-800℃ at the bottom of thedouble dryer, materials are lifted into the drum by the elevator through thefeeding mouth, which will get scattered and crushed under the effect of gravity,and flow inside the drum to ensure the heat exchange of the materials isconducted in the double drum). The hot air at the bottom of air heater risingfrom bottom to top can meet material requirements and transmit the heat to itby way of heat conduction, convection and radiation. When these materials becomeincreasingly hotter, the moisture will be vaporized. Finally the materials aredischarged from the bottom, and the air vapor will be ejected from the balconyby the exhaust fan together with water.




    Kiln dimensions



    Rotation speed


    Motor power


    Total weight


    Φ2.5×502.55032000.62-1.8655187.37Outside disassemble kiln
    Φ2.5×502.55032000.62-1.8655187.37Outside disassemble kiln
    Φ2.5×502.55032000.62-1.8655187.37Outside disassemble kiln
    Φ2.5×502.55032000.62-1.8655187.37Outside disassemble kiln

    Why choose this Double Drum Rotary Dryer ?

    قماCement kilns are mainly used for clinker calcification, which can be divided into dry cement kilns and wet cement kilns. The metal chemical furnace is mainly used for the roasting and magnetization of light iron ore in the metallurgical industry and steel plants, the roasting of oxidized olive sauce, grapes, and magnesium, and the roasting and roasting of high-quality alumina ore in smelters Aluminum manufacturing plants use clinker and aluminum hydroxide, while chemical plants use clinker and aluminum hydroxide to bake chromium. Lime kilns are mainly used for baking live lime, while dolomite lamps are used in steel and ferroalloy plants.

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