Loading Site of Two Sets of Φ 1000 × 7m Chicken Manure Dryers Sent to Laos

Henan Hongke heavy industry specializes in the production of dryer equipment. The figure below shows the loading site of two sets of Φ 1000 × 7m chicken manure dryers sent to Laos. The truck has been loaded and ready to be delivered. For more information about the dryer situation and information, you can contact us online or conduct field investigation!

The on-site materials of the chicken manure dryer are sent to the silo by the forklift truck and then sent to the screw feeding port for quantitative transportation into the dryer. There is a lifting plate in the cylinder of the dryer, and there is a stirring and dispersing system in the middle. The rotating speed of the cylinder and the mixing shaft can be adjusted quickly and slowly, so that the particles of the materials can be evenly distributed, the heat can be fully absorbed, and the drying speed is fast. The dried materials are transported to the stockyard by belt conveyor, and the combustion part is converted into gas by the gas generator for combustion, which further improves the fuel utilization rate and reduces the pollution caused by the direct combustion of coal to produce a large number of sulfide and dust. The flue gas in the drying process is collected by the rotary air dust collector into the water tank for absorption and treatment.