Sludge Drying Production Line

In the process of sludge drying and dewatering, sludge dryer occupies a very important position, but in the whole production line system, in addition to drying equipment, it also needs the cooperation of other equipment to complete the drying operation, so what parts are included in the drying production line system?

Take the common drum dryer as an example, generally speaking, the sludge drying production line system will include the following parts: transmission system, drying system, feeding and discharging system, dust removal system.

1. Transmission system

The normal operation of sludge dryer is inseparable from the transmission system. As the main power source of the dryer, the system is mainly composed of drive motor and vibration motor, which is an important part of the whole production line.

2. Drying system

The main drying machine and hot blast stove are important components of the drying system. The wet sludge is dewatered and dried in the drying machine. A qualified dryer is the key to ensure the production output and drying quality. The drum drying equipment will rotate continuously. After the wet sludge enters the drum, it will be broken into small particles by the crushing device, and then spread into a uniform material curtain and fill the whole drying space under the action of lifting and guiding devices.

The hot air provided by the hot blast stove enters into the cylinder under the action of the induced draft fan, and evaporates a large amount of water in the sludge through direct contact or indirect contact with wet sludge until the drying is completed. It can be seen that the importance of the drying host.

3. Feeding and discharging system

Materials are transported to the dryer through the feeding system (silo, feeding device, belt conveyor, etc.). Uniform and stable feeding is the premise to ensure the normal operation and production of the dryer. After drying, the materials will enter the belt conveyor through the discharge hopper, and then be screened by the vibrating screen or other equipment, and then packaged.

4. Dust removal system

The common dust removal systems include cyclone dust remover, bag filter, desulfurization scrubber, etc. both cyclone dust remover and bag filter can purify the waste gas and dust of sludge dryer. The desulfurization scrubber mainly aims at sulfur-containing waste gas, and the treated waste gas can only be discharged into the air after reaching the environmental protection standard.