Chemical Raw Material Roasting Rotary Kiln Delivery Site Yinchuan Province China

Chemical rotary kiln is mainly used to calcine various chemical clinker. According to the properties of different raw materials, the temperature required for calcination, and the output, the production line is designed. Then, the size of the rotary kiln model used is determined, and the corresponding rotary kiln equipment and supporting equipment are customized.

Working principle of chemical rotary kiln

The use principle of chemical rotary kiln is to transfer materials to the kiln body through our bucket elevator conveyor belt and other equipment, and then carry out a certain reverse calcination process, but in this process, we must be uniform, and finally achieve our calcination purpose.

The specific operation situation is: there are fire-resistant brick lining and heat exchange device in the chemical rotary kiln, which rotates at low speed. The material and hot flue gas are generally countercurrent heat exchange, and the material is added from the high end of the kiln. Due to the inclined installation of the barrel, when the kiln rotates, the material in the kiln moves along the axial direction while turning this direction. The burner injects fuel at the low end, and the flue gas is discharged from the high-rise. Materials are heated in the process of moving, and after physical and chemical changes, they become qualified products to be unloaded from the low end.