Delivery Site of Electric Heating Rotary Kiln in Jiangxi, China

A few days ago, Hongke Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. produced and manufactured for customers: the diameter is 2.8m x 60m. The production has been completed, and the customer has verified that it meets the requirements, so the delivery is arranged. The following is the actual picture of delivery. The designed daily treatment capacity of the equipment is 500 tons.

In the process of cooperation with the customer, the selection of concentrator address, the installation and maintenance of various types of mineral processing equipment, equipment operation training and other related matters. For this project, a special construction and installation project department is set up to carry out the whole process management and quality supervision, ensure the construction safety and quality, and strive to reach the standard in one test run and put into operation smoothly. Better said than done, Hongke heavy industry to improve after-sales to win the trust of customers.