Lime Rotary Kiln Production Line in Iran

The limestone is lifted by the elevator and transported to the bin at the top of the preheater, and then the material is evenly distributed to each room of the preheater through the blanking pipe. After the limestone is heated to a certain temperature in the preheater, it is pushed into the rotary kiln by the hydraulic push rod. The limestone is sintered in the rotary kiln for comprehensive decomposition, and the clinker can also be added in a proper amount and sent to the rod mill for grinding. The limestone generated after decomposition enters the cooler, and the cold air blown in the cooler is discharged. After heat exchange, it enters the kiln and gas for combustion, and the waste gas is mixed The cold air enters the bag filter through the induced draft fan, and then enters the chimney through the exhaust fan. Finally, the lime of the cooler is sent to the finished lime warehouse through the vibrating feeder and the belt conveyor, and the screening and other processes are carried out according to the customer's requirements.