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Cement Rotary Kiln Enterprises Should Always Have Crisis Awareness


From the sales of cement rotary kilns, China is still dominated by domestic demand at this stage, such as the construction of affordable housing, investment in high-speed railway projects and investment in water conservancy construction.

From the perspective of foreign forms, extending the industrial chain is the inevitable path for domestic rotary kiln enterprises in the future, and the mining machinery industry is also the best destination for rotary kiln enterprises to extend the industrial chain. However, from the perspective of the domestic rotary kiln market, it is obviously not appropriate.

The dilemma of China's cement rotary kiln industry is serious overcapacity, low concentration and poor awareness of energy conservation and emission reduction. Up to now, there are more than 3000 rotary kiln enterprises in China. The clinker production capacity of the top 10 rotary kiln enterprises accounts for only 27% of the national clinker production capacity. Although China's rotary kiln industry concentration has increased a lot in the past few years, the concentration is still relatively low when extending the industrial chain. It is bound to bring the concentration of rotary kiln industry to other industries.

In addition, so far, China's clinker capacity has reached about 1.6 billion tons, and the capacity of rotary kiln has been seriously surplus. The urgent task is to solve the situation of overcapacity. So, how to regulate production capacity? Only through merger and reorganization and elimination of backward production capacity can we improve the concentration of cement rotary kiln industry. If we actively support the extension of the industrial chain at this time, it is bound to make the mining machinery industry wear the hat of "overcapacity".

In terms of energy conservation and emission reduction awareness, China's cement rotary kiln enterprises' energy conservation and emission reduction standards are far from reaching the international advanced level. Under such conditions, allowing rotary kiln enterprises to invest in extending the industrial chain is bound to affect the use of environmental protection equipment and the improvement of environmental protection awareness.

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