Hongke Rotary Kiln Has Been Affirmed by the Market

时间:2020-06-07 作者 :adminhk

Henan Hongke heavy industry machinery and Equipment Co., Ltd. has been established for more than 20 years. It attaches importance to production technology, focuses on product quality, takes customers as the center, and specializes in the production of rotary kiln equipment meeting the requirements.

Henan Hongke promotes the brand influence of rotary kiln with exquisite technology. The development process of the enterprise is a gradual process, so it will encounter different problems at each stage, especially the development of rotary kiln industry. The new products of rotary kiln equipment on the market need to be affirmed by the market. In order to get the affirmation of the market, the rotary kiln equipment should have unique advantages. The new rotary kiln equipment of Henan Hongke company adopts large kiln at the end of kiln. Its principle is to expand the application of kiln inner diameter in disguised form. After the transformation, the total output of rotary kiln equipment and unit kiln solvent output have been greatly improved, which is more conducive to improving the quality of coke after calcination of rotary kiln, effectively reducing the burning loss of carbon, and avoiding the problem of excessive flue gas velocity at the kiln tail Question. In addition, Henan Hongke company has added a turning device in the calcination zone of the rotary kiln system to transform the original kiln lining into a concave convex lining with a guide groove. By doing so, the materials can not only slide relatively, but also fall freely in the process of calcination in the rotary kiln, so as to increase the calcination effect of materials and the contact area of high temperature flue gas, and greatly enhance the heat exchange effect The calcination time of materials is shortened. Henan Hongke Machinery Co., Ltd. has won a good reputation in the industrial field and sales market of rotary kiln at home and abroad with its advanced technology and high-end brand benefits.

The rotary kiln equipment upgraded by our company will bring you more experience and win customers and markets with fine products, exquisite technology, excellent quality and meticulous service. We will speed up the pace of technological innovation, improve the equipment production system, enhance the brand value of rotary kiln and enhance the brand influence with practical actions.