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Hammer Crusher

Product Specification Product Specification : Φ400×300-Φ1600×1600
Production Capacity Production Capacity : 5-150t/h
Application Fields Application Fields : Strong wear resistance, convenient maintenance and compact structure.

1、 Hongke heavy industry hammer crusher

The advantages of hammer crusher in our factory are: large crushing ratio (10-40), uniform discharging particle size of crusher, less over crushing phenomenon, low energy consumption, low cost and easy maintenance.

2、 Application of hammer crusher

Hammer crusher is suitable for crushing all kinds of brittle materials, such as cement, building materials, coal, chemical metallurgy, salt, Baiya, gypsum, alum, brick, tile, limestone, mine, road, fuel oil, etc. It is also used to crush wood, paper or asbestos cement waste with strong fiber structure, elasticity and toughness to recover asbestos fiber, etc. In addition, hammer crusher can not only be used in crushing production line, sand production line, but also can replace cone crusher in mineral processing production line. The crusher can change the gap between the needs of users and change the discharge particle size to meet the different needs of different crusher users.

3、 Composition of hammer crusher

The main working part of hammer crusher is the rotor with hammer (also known as hammer head). The rotor is composed of spindle, disc, pin and hammer.

4、 Working principle of hammer crusher

Working principle of hammer crusher

Crusher motor driven crushing high-speed rotating rotor cavity. From the upper nozzle material feedback to the machine, the impact of hammer impact shear grinding and high grinding speed. In the lower part of the rotor equipped with the sieve plate, the grain size of the grinding material is smaller, and the size of the sieve leakage through the screen is larger than that of the coarse particle size. The resistance of the sieve leakage is larger than that of the coarse particle size. It is left in the sieve plate to continue the hammer impact grinding, and finally discharged out of the machine through the sieve plate.

5、 Relevant technical parameters of hammer crusher

>Specifications>Feeding Size 
>Discharging size 
>Motor power 
>Total weight 

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