Vertical Crusher Machine

Vertical impact crusher is a basic industry for building materials resources of Hongke heavy industry. At present, under the condition of lack of yellow sand resources, the medium and fine crushing equipment is developed. It is mainly used in artificial sand making. The use of the crushing equipment can not only solve the problem of resource shortage and soaring price, but also can clean up a large number of river riprap and tailings, which greatly saves energy and improves the utilization rate of capital.

Outstanding advantages of vertical impact crusher

1. The structure is novel, reasonable and simple, and the operation cost is low.

2. High crushing rate, energy saving and environmental protection.

3. It has the function of fine breaking or rough shaping.

4. Suitable for medium hard or extra hard materials.

5. The finished sand has excellent cubic particles.

6. The operation and maintenance are very convenient.

Working principle of vertical impact crusher

The working principle of the vertical impact crusher is: when the materials are fed into the hopper through the conveying equipment, most of them enter into the impeller through the material separation chamber, and evenly distribute the materials through the feeder to the guide plate (upper and lower guard plates), and the materials are thrown out at high speed by the centrifugal force generated by the high-speed rotation of the equipment. In the other way, a small part of raw materials passing through the separation chamber enters into the middle cavity to form umbrella shaped falling, which collides, breaks and rubs with the discharge of the impeller. At the same time, the two strands of materials form swirling flow in the crushing chamber and the materials thrown out by the impeller through inertia to form secondary or multiple impact, crushing, mutual extrusion and crushing to form finished sand.