Attention Should Be Paid to the Temperature Change During the Use of Rotary Kiln

时间:2021-12-21 作者 :超级管理员

We attach great importance to the change of temperature during the use of the rotary kiln, so we should pay attention to the change of temperature in the rotary kiln at any time during our use. Next, we will explain the problem of the temperature of the rotary kiln. With the progress of dehydration and phase change process, there are two stages of material pulverization.

1、 The temperature is 180 ~ 440 ℃, Severe dehydration occurs at this stage. The crystalline aggregate of aluminum hydride plate breaks and generates x-a12 (x-Al: OA and ya12 fields in this stage are imperfect crystallization, with the largest character defects and low strength. The proportion of shear is 15% ~ 25%, and the number of particles less than 4on accounts for a large proportion, ranging from 44 to 580 ℃. No new phase is produced. Y-ai: pseudo crystal structure tends to be perfect, strength increases and fine particles decrease.

2、 The temperature is 1200 ~ 1300 ℃. A12-j is recrystallized, the aggregate strength is greatly reduced, most of them disintegrate, and a large number of pullers less than 40 m are produced. In different stages of satin burning, the shape and effect of heating speed on product particle size are different. More fine particles will be produced if the heating rate is increased before 400 ℃ (in the first and second stages of aluminum nitride dehydration) and above 600 ℃. The reason is that the heating speed is fast, the alumina product is poor and the strength is reduced. When the heating rate is increased in the range of 400-600 ℃, the pulverization degree of alumina decreases, and the phase transformation rate decreases with the increase of Ju rising rate.

Only by controlling the temperature can we achieve our goal and give better play to our rotary kiln. I hope we can pay more attention to this problem when using it, and finally make us achieve our goal.