Causes of Collapse of Rotary Kiln

时间:2019-12-12 作者 :adminhk

In the kiln, the green body on the rotary kiln car often collapses, so what is the reason? The main causes of collapse are as follows:

1. The loading of rotary kiln does not meet the requirements, the billet is unstable or the cushion is loose.

2. The kiln car is derailed or unbalanced.

3. If the temperature is too high or the holding time is too long, the product column may collapse.

4. Collision with kiln wall or protuberance in the process of loading or running.

5. Unreasonable temperature distribution in rotary kiln. The support has low strength at high temperature or poor resistance to rapid cooling and heating operations.

6. If the moisture in the kiln body is too high, the temperature of the kiln head in the tropical zone is high or the temperature difference between the tropical zone and the tropical zone is too large, the slab and the body may break or even collapse.

The above are the six reasons for the collapse of rotary kiln. I hope it can help you to understand the production situation further, so as to effectively solve the problems and failures.