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Composition of Rotary Kiln Boiler Water Treatment Equipment


In ore calcination, the application of boiler water treatment equipment is inseparable, so the specific composition of rotary kiln boiler water treatment equipment, please see the following detailed analysis.

The water treatment principle and equipment of rotary kiln boiler are the same as those of small power plants. Due to the low steam parameters of pure waste heat power generation system, the requirements for water treatment are relatively low. The specific water treatment includes the following and parts:

1. Water treatment. Because the raw water contains many material sources, it is necessary to carry out water quality treatment and gas removal operation, so that the feed water can be called boiler feed water. Feed water treatment is generally carried out outside the boiler. The basic operation is as follows: raw water is removed by sedimentation, filtration and coagulation equipment, and then the hardness salt that will scale in the dissolved water is removed by anion and cation, so as to form softened water. The water is sent to the boiler after deoxidization.

2. Boiler water treatment. This operation is generally carried out in the operation of rotary kiln, and the treatment methods are as follows: ① thermal deaeration. The low-temperature heat source of the system is used for deoxidization, and the deoxidized water is at 105 ℃, which is widely used in the secondary combustion furnace power generation system; ② chemical deoxidization. This is how to add chemicals. ③ Vacuum deaeration. The method of vacuumizing is used to reduce the boiling point of water and the solubility of gas in water.

The latter two of the above boiler water treatment methods are more commonly used in pure waste heat power generation system.

3. Circulating water cooling system. Its function is to cool the cooling water which raises the temperature in the condensing equipment and make it recycled. The classification of cooling system includes:

(1) Once through water supply. In this system, the river is used as the cooling unit to take water and drain water directly. Considering from the aspect of environmental protection, this method is not recommended.

(2) Circulating water cooling. Also known as closed water supply system. It is necessary to use specific air-conditioning equipment to cool the working water in the condensate equipment and then recycle it. The circulating cooling system includes circulating cooling water pump, cooling structure or air-conditioning equipment and circulating water pipe network. During the operation of the system, the circulating cooling water pump is pumped from the circulating water tank to the cooling structure or cooling equipment for the continuous circulating application of the circulating cooling water pump. The amount of circulating cooling water system is generally related to the temperature of the environment, as well as the water supply and drainage temperature and efficiency of the applied cooling equipment, which is about 30 times higher than that of the circulating steam.

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