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Dedusting Method of Rotary Kiln


Rotary kiln belongs to building materials and equipment, but in the process of equipment operation, it will inevitably be contaminated with dust or oil, although it will not cause certain damage to the equipment, but it will affect the production efficiency of the equipment. So it is necessary for us to take some measures to remove the dust on the kiln. Then, we will introduce some dust removal methods of the kiln.

1. High pressure water gun

This method is to use water to expand under high temperature and high pressure, and then use high pressure water gun to shoot water into the crust on the inner wall of the kiln tail, which will generate huge impact force. The water in the high temperature material will suddenly vaporize and produce strong explosion, and part of the hit material will be collapsed by vibration, and finally the crust will be removed, so as to achieve the function of cleaning the blockage and crust of the preheater system of the rotary kiln.

2. Vibration method

Sometimes the dust particles inside the filter bag of the kiln are large, which can be effectively treated by high-speed vibration, and will not affect other components.

3. Cleaning with washing materials

This refers to the selection of appropriate washing materials, remember to match properly, but also use low-temperature water rotary kiln for matching cleaning, to keep the cement uniform, etc., which can greatly reduce the damage.

4. High temperature drying

In this method, the temperature should be controlled in a certain range, so that it can be dried with hot air without deformation.

This is the introduction of dedusting methods of rotary kiln, mainly using high-pressure water gun, vibration method, washing material cleaning and high-temperature drying. Then, in the future, we can choose the dust removal method according to our actual needs.

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