Feeding Procedure of Cement Rotary Kiln

时间:2021-12-24 作者 :超级管理员

Feeding procedures of cement rotary kiln let Hongke heavy industry engineer introduce the feeding procedures of cement rotary kiln.

Inform the inspector to stop the slow rotation of the rotary kiln, disconnect the slow rotation clutch and start the main motor of the kiln;

Close the inlet baffle of the high-temperature fan, start the main motor, after the fan runs stably, gradually fully open the inlet baffle of the fan, and adjust the fan speed according to the outlet pressure of the preheater;

Start the remaining room fans of the cooler according to the air pressure of the kiln head cover;

The first feeding of rotary kiln can be controlled at 100t / h;

If the air, material and coal change greatly during feeding, inform the on-site patrol inspector to shake the flap valves at all levels to ensure that the materials are unblocked during feeding;

After the clinker enters the cooler, gradually increase the grate speed and the air volume of the grate cooler. At this time, the secondary and tertiary air temperature should be increased;

Stabilize the negative pressure of kiln head cover;

After the kiln feeding is stable, notify the site to stop the diesel oil pump and draw out the oil gun.

The above points are summarized by Hongke heavy industry based on many years of work experience. I hope they will be helpful to you.