Heat Treatment of Rotary Kiln

时间:2017-04-14 作者 :adminhk

Rotary kiln is a kind of kiln. Since it is a kind of kiln, it must be exposed to high temperature. There is a great connection between heat treatment and high temperature. Heat treatment operation is actually one of the kiln operation. How to conduct heat treatment? We can realize the function of heat treatment by controlling.

1. Feeding control system: automatic control of feeding rhythm and frequency control. The direction of parts is arranged automatically. The feeding thickness can be monitored in real time to ensure the accurate implementation of heat treatment process of roller kiln from the source.

2. Furnace atmosphere control: shaft furnace atmosphere uniformity carbon removal air pump, carbon potential controller and furnace gas regulator are widely used in mesh belt furnace, which can not only improve the accuracy and stability of carbon potential control, but also better adapt to the atmosphere prepared by various gas sources. The appearance of water quenching and water vapor cleaning device for continuous mesh belt furnace stabilizes the furnace atmosphere and ensures the control accuracy of carbon potential. The sealing welding and joining method of furnace shell not only saves energy, but also is beneficial to the long-term stability of furnace atmosphere and the stable performance of the equipment in the heat treatment process.

3. Quenching tank control: in order to ensure the hardness uniformity of the shaft kiln workpiece and reduce the deformation of the parts, it has developed from simply reducing the cold setting speed to improving the cold solid uniformity.

4. Distortion control of heat treatment: the heat zone of quenching furnace is lengthened to remove stress, the fully enclosed heat preservation and controllable step quenching oil tank is adopted, and the temperature uniformity of quenching medium is 5 ℃. In order to reduce the residual austenite volume of bearing parts and control the micro deformation after bearing processing, it will be popular to add cold treatment device after quenching in mesh belt furnace production line.

Heat treatment effectively improves the firing efficiency of shaft kiln and completes its firing work better. It is often used to burn industrial products in industry. After heat treatment, the kiln can be fired more fully, which can reduce the occurrence of under fire phenomenon and heat evenly. Only when we do the relevant heat treatment work well, other operations can improve the efficiency better.