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How Does the Preheater of Rotary Kiln Equipment Play a Role?


Rotary kiln equipment is a kind of large-scale calcination equipment, which plays an important role in building materials, metallurgy and chemical industry. We should have a certain understanding of the equipment when using it, so as to help us use the equipment better. Friends who have operated the equipment know that it will cooperate with the preheater to use, and how does the preheater play a role in production?

In order to decompose the materials in production, the temperature must reach the melting point of the materials, which will cause some troubles to the users when using the equipment to calcine the materials. In order to solve this problem, we adopt the method of configuring the preheater in the production line of the rotary kiln equipment. Its main role in production is to raise the temperature of the materials used in the equipment in advance, So that the temperature of the material before entering the equipment can meet the production requirements, so that there is no need to raise the temperature of the equipment in the production, so that the problem of high temperature resistance of the equipment is solved, and the use time of the equipment in production is prolonged. This is the role of the preheater in the production of the equipment. Let's take a look at how it enhances the preheating effect:

1. When the raw materials enter into the preheater, the direction of the hot gas should be opposite to that of the hot gas, so as to increase the resistance, so as to increase the contact area between the raw material and the hot gas and the preheating time, so as to make the preheating effect better.

2. The material spreading device is installed inside the preheater to make the raw materials disperse completely, so that the preheating effect of raw materials is better.

3. By reducing the particle size of raw materials, the contact area between raw materials and hot gas is increased, so that the preheating effect is better.

4. The pipeline for material preheating should be long enough to ensure the preheating time and make the preheating effect better.

The function of preheater of rotary kiln equipment is understood in detail above. We can see that it solves the trouble of heating up the equipment in production, and can protect the equipment itself and prolong its service life. Therefore, in the future use of equipment, special attention should be paid to the maintenance of preheater.

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