How to Adjust the Ventilation of Powder Calcining Kiln

时间:2020-05-29 作者 :adminhk

Powder calcining kiln is a kind of kiln. It can not only adjust the firing temperature flexibly, but also has strong heat resistance. It plays an important role in the production of industrial products. The ventilation rate is a major factor that affects the firing effect. Therefore, we should reasonably adjust the ventilation rate to achieve efficient ventilation in the kiln. How to adjust the ventilation rate of kiln?

1、 The influence of ventilation rate on equipment.

Under normal conditions, when the ventilation volume is small, the oxygen supply is insufficient, the combustion speed slows down, and the heat consumption increases; when the ventilation rate is large, the gas flow rate increases, the combustion separation time becomes shorter, and the flue gas volume and heat consumption after combustion are large. This will affect the normal operation of the powder calciner, so the ventilation of the kiln should be controlled. The fan at the end of the system runs stably to exhaust air, and the ventilation in kiln and furnace is basically stable.

2、 Factors affecting ventilation rate.

Factors such as the resistance change of the whole system, the temperature of the air entering the kiln, whether there is air leakage in the system, whether the fan inlet is mixed with cold air, whether there is ash accumulation in the pipe, whether the material is evenly distributed, whether there is interference between the kiln and the furnace system and other factors will affect the ventilation rate of the kiln. Therefore, it is necessary to adjust and control the ventilation rate in time.

3、 How to adjust?

When the temperature of the air entering the powder calcining kiln changes, it should be controlled in a proper range. For the system air leakage and fan inlet mixed with cold air, the system maintenance should be carried out, and the air leakage place should be found out and treated. For ash accumulation, blockage or uneven distribution of materials in the pipeline, it is necessary to clean the pipeline in time, and the problem can be solved by spreading materials evenly. For the interference of kiln and furnace system, the ventilation quantity of the two systems can be adjusted and balanced by setting kiln tail gate and flue shrinkage. If the total air volume of the whole system is too large, it is more convenient to adjust on the pipeline after the convergence of the two systems.

First of all, we need to know what factors affect the ventilation rate of powder calcining kiln, and the second is to learn to adjust the ventilation rate of kiln. Clean up the pipeline in time and make relevant settings. So we can do some work.