How to Deal with Ring Formation in Rotary Kiln

时间:2020-01-09 作者 :adminhk

Rotary kiln plays an important role in many fields. However, if it is not standardized, it is easy to cause the ring formation of the equipment. There are two types of rings of the equipment, namely front ring and back ring, which are usually formed when the kiln speed is relatively slow. Let's explain in detail:

1. Treatment of front ring: when the current ring is not high, the influence of calcination operation is not obvious, but the thickness of sintering layer will increase, and the residence time of materials in the sintering area will also be prolonged; when the current ring is relatively high, kiln state or thermal system will be generated. The reason is that the ventilation in the rotary kiln deteriorates, the kiln head appears positive pressure phenomenon, the flame does not penetrate and the shape is not good; the large clinker is not easy to push out, especially easy to crush the kiln skin. Therefore, in the process of treatment, it is only necessary to pull out the coal injection pipe and let the high temperature concentrate on the position of the ring, and then the front ring can be burned gradually.

2. Back ring treatment: the formation of the rear ring is mainly between the combustion zone and the transition zone. It will affect the ventilation, production and quality of the whole system, and can usually be treated by alternate cold and heat treatment.

When the ring of rotary kiln is long but not high, it is only necessary to pull out the coal injection pipe and adjust the shape of the flame to make the flame thicker and shorter, so that the temperature of the knot can be reduced gradually. This method is called cold combustion method. If the length and height of the circle seriously affect the ventilation in the kiln, the feed rate (about 80% of the normal feed rate) should be reduced first, and each method should be burned by alternate cold and hot methods for about 2 hours until it is burnt out.

The above is about the rotary kiln ring treatment measures, in daily life, we need to master more equipment knowledge, can help us save a lot of trouble, in the future operation can be more convenient for their own use.