How to Deal with the Swelling of Lime Kiln

时间:2015-05-08 作者 :adminhk

When feeding the lime rotary kiln, it is necessary to control the feeding quantity, too much or too little will affect the work progress. Too much will cause belly swelling, if not handled properly, it will cause certain losses to the equipment. How can we solve this problem? Next, please see the details below.

1、 The causes of abdominal distension are as follows:

1. The feeding capacity of the feeder is too large, which exceeds the operation capacity of the rotary kiln;

2. The outlet of lime rotary kiln is blocked, and the milled material can not be discharged. With the increase of feed, the phenomenon of tripe expansion occurs.

2、 Hazards of tummy swelling:

When the kiln belly expands, the materials and steel balls in the barrel will accumulate the volume in the barrel, and the speed of the barrel rotation will slow down, which is the motor is in the state of overload, and the service life of the motor will be lost, even the motor will be scrapped directly. However, the output particle size becomes coarser, which reduces the work of rotary kiln. Because of the increase of materials, the load of transmission mechanism becomes larger, the wear of gears is accelerated, and even the phenomenon of short teeth appears.

3、 Prevention measures for belly swelling:

1. Check whether the feeding end of the lime rotary kiln can't feed;

2. Listen to the sound in the operation process. If it is very stuffy, it means there are too many materials;

3. Check the current change of the current control cabinet. If it becomes small, stop the machine immediately to check whether it is swollen.

This paper analyzes the cause and harm of the swelling of the lime rotary kiln, and also gives the corresponding solutions, so the staff must pay attention to the control of the feeding quantity when feeding.