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How to Make the Service Life of Jaw Crusher Longer?


Jaw crusher is a kind of medium size crushing for various ores and bulk materials, which is often widely used in mining, smelting, building materials, highway, railway, water conservancy and chemical industry. Hongke is a professional jaw crusher, impact type sand making machine, counter roller sand making machine, impact type sand making machine, compound type sand making machine, cobble type sand making machine and other sand making equipment The company has set up service outlets in major mines all over the country, with perfect after-sales service system and parts supply center.


How to make the life of jaw crusher longer? First of all, the jaw crusher will produce a lot of heat because of friction in the process of use. If these heat can not be distributed in time, it will damage the machine. For example, the central shaft of the machine will be deformed due to high temperature, and it will be damaged when crushing stone. Therefore, when using the crusher equipment, we must pay attention to the internal temperature at any time. If the temperature of the machine is too high, we should stop work in time, and then use it when the temperature decreases. Secondly, after the machine is used for a period of time, the lubrication effect of the internal lubricant will be reduced, and the debris deposited in the lubricant during the operation of the machine will also increase the wear of the machine. So when the lubricant is used for a period of time, it should be replaced in time. After replacement, kerosene is used to thoroughly clean the interior to prevent any debris. In this way, the machine will not wear easily.

The jaw crusher of Hongke heavy industry has the advantages of large crushing ratio, uniform particle size, deep crushing cavity and no dead angle, simple structure, small floor area, simple operation, large adjustment range of discharge port, low noise and less dust, but the main advantage is that the jaw crusher of yukuang mine has a longer service life than other manufacturers.

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