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How to Realize Energy Saving and Emission Reduction of High Temperature Kiln?


Energy saving and emission reduction is now the most important task of all industries. This policy is not only to protect the environment, but also to save the cost of enterprises. So how to realize the energy saving of high temperature kiln? The use of thermal insulation materials is an effective way.

1、 Materials to improve fuel combustion rate: the combustion rate of general high-temperature kiln fuel is only 85-90%. Paint far-infrared radiation coating on the inner wall of the furnace to improve the heat exchange in the furnace and increase the contact area between fuel and oxygen, so as to fully burn the fuel, improve the energy combustion rate, release more heat, and reduce the exhaust gas temperature.

2、 Improve the materials of heat insulation system of high-temperature furnace furnace, brush high-temperature heat insulation coating, heat insulation rate can reach more than 90%, reduce heat loss from furnace wall, make full use of energy and reduce loss.

3、 Reduce the corrosion rate of materials. Under high temperature, boiler and kiln high temperature, there are corrosive media, and the materials are easy to oxidize, corrode and crispness. Apply high temperature resistant sealing coating to prevent oxidation and crispness of refractory and high-temperature materials, and improve the service life and effect of high-temperature kiln materials.

4、 Extend the service life of supporting facilities of high temperature kilns, brush and brush high temperature resistant transparent anti-oxidation coatings, reduce the oxidation of boiler and kiln equipment accessories in the air, reduce the frequency of repairing and replacing parts and equipment, and do a good job in equipment maintenance and lubrication.

According to their own needs, manufacturers of high-temperature kilns can select the corresponding far-infrared radiation coating, high-temperature heat insulation coating, high-temperature sealing coating, etc., to achieve the purpose of energy-saving and emission reduction.

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