Ignition Operation Skill of Rotary Kiln

时间:2014-09-24 作者 :admin

Whether it is rotary kiln or any other kiln equipment, it needs to be ignited before use, so ignition operation is a very important step, if the ignition fails, it will affect the work progress and so on. Therefore, the following editor will teach you some operation skills about the furnace ignition.

No matter the rotary kiln is newly built or put into operation after maintenance, it will encounter ignition. Before ignition, the whole firing system should be tested in linkage, so as to avoid the occurrence of adverse conditions such as high temperature of preheater system, blockage of cyclone and blanking pipe caused by small equipment failure during feeding. Whether it's wood or diesel. All high-temperature fan dampers shall be closed, and the ignition chimney shall be opened appropriately as the case may be, so that the kiln head is in a state of micro negative pressure, so as to prevent excessive draught and not easy to ignite.

When injecting pulverized coal, the burn out rate of pulverized coal shall be ensured as much as possible, too much pulverized coal shall not be injected, and the coal shall be added slowly; and the kiln shall be rotated at a certain interval, 1 / 4 of which shall be rotated each time, so as to avoid bending deformation of the barrel. When the temperature reaches above 700C, the auxiliary continuous rotary kiln shall be used, the high-temperature fan shall be started as the case may be, and the opening of the air door shall be adjusted appropriately; when the temperature reaches 900C, the main rotary kiln can be used. If the diesel engine is used for ignition, the oil pump shall not be shut down, but the valve opening can be properly adjusted; the oil supply can not be stopped until the material reaches the firing belt after feeding.

When to add materials shall be determined according to the kiln end temperature and preheater outlet temperature of the rotary kiln; the initial feeding amount of the kiln shall be relatively high, generally no less than 60% of the design output, and then the feeding amount shall be increased slowly, and the feeding range shall be small, not large, until the normal feeding amount. In addition, the operation time at low feed volume shall be shortened as much as possible, because the collapse of material is easy to cause the blockage of preheater system during this period.

So we can refer to the above content, learn and master the correct ignition operation skills, so as to help ourselves better and more smoothly carry out the ignition operation and make the kiln react normally.