Internal Circulation of Rotary Kiln

时间:2020-05-16 作者 :adminhk

An air heat exchanger is arranged on the flue gas outlet of the rotary kiln, and a high-speed burner is installed in the rotary kiln with gas as fuel. Equipped with heating and cooling automatic control system, dilution air system and kiln pressure automatic control system, to create conditions for the normal operation and internal circulation of the kiln. The following article will explain the internal circulation of this equipment in detail. Let's have a look at it.

The preheated hot air is returned to the kiln to heat the products, so as to reduce the fuel consumption and reduce the exhaust fan load. The high-speed burner sprays the burning products into the kiln at high speed to make the hot gas flow circulate in the kiln at high speed. The dilution air into the burner increases the velocity of nozzle, stirs the airflow fiercely, and strengthens the heat exchange in the kiln. In the cooling stage, the cooling speed is controlled by adding preheating air, the gas and air entering each burner and their ratio and dilution air volume are controlled in different zones according to the program, and the displacement is adjusted according to the requirements of kiln pressure. The whole process from ignition to firing to cooling and kiln stopping can be realized automatically.

The overall operation of rotary kiln is inseparable from the internal circulation of gas in the equipment, because of the existence of this internal circulation, the equipment can operate well. We can generally understand this knowledge, and pay more attention to this problem in the future use process, so as to avoid equipment failure due to improper operation.