Kaolin Rotary Kiln Insists on Environmental Protection Development

时间:2022-03-16 作者 :超级管理员

Kaolin rotary kiln adheres to environmental protection development

With the further increasing emphasis on environmental protection, kaolin rotary kiln plays an important role in metallurgy, mining, chemical industry, building materials and other fields, and environmentally friendly rotary kiln equipment is gradually accepted and recognized by users. So how can we make kaolin rotary kiln on the road of green development?

The technical staff of Hongke Heavy Industry gave a detailed introduction to the problems of kaolin rotary kiln:

1. Treatment of hazardous waste

Kaolin rotary kiln has high incineration temperature, stable state, and more thorough combustion of waste. The equipment is in a negative pressure state during operation, avoiding the overflow of harmful gases when dealing with hazardous waste, and because of its good airtightness, it will not cause dust pollution. Conducive to environmental protection. The chlorine, sulfur, fluorine and other chemical components contained in the hazardous waste are completely absorbed in the high temperature treatment and converted into non-toxic calcium chloride, calcium sulfate, calcium fluoride, etc., which are directly mixed in the clinker. It will adversely affect the quality of the finished product. The waste generates a certain amount of heat during combustion, which saves coal-fired raw materials and saves production costs.

2. Good sealing performance

According to the different designs of the kaolin rotary kiln, there are a variety of sealing forms to choose from. Cylinder pressing end face seal, spring pressing end face seal, heavy hammer graphite block seal, spring graphite block seal, fish scale labyrinth seal, axial labyrinth seal and combination seals of the above forms, etc. It has strong adaptability and good sealing effect. In the process of use, there will be no waste, dust, etc. that are more polluting, and the environmental protection performance is strong.

3. Sewage discharge and dust removal meet the standard

On the premise of ensuring that the safe production and operation of the kaolin rotary kiln are not affected, ensure the effective capture of dust points; meet the environmental protection requirements of the metallurgical industry, and discharge only when all indicators meet or exceed the standard; the equipment is selected with mature technology and capable of Dust removal equipment with low consumption; the sewage and dust removal system is reasonably designed, reliable, economical, reliable in operation, and easy to maintain; the system is safe to operate, easy to operate, has a long service life, and is automatically controlled; in order to avoid secondary dust, the dust collected by the dust collector is sealed , shipped in bags.

The pollution problem of mineral processing machinery such as kaolin rotary kiln is a big problem. Especially in the current industrial production environment, it is the current top priority to establish a sound environmental protection system and promote the development of energy-saving technology.