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Main Equipment Composition of Rotary Kiln?


Rotary kiln is the main equipment for roasting raw materials in cement, metallurgical industry, steel plant and other factories. It mainly consists of the following parts:

Main equipment composition of rotary kiln?

1. Kiln shell

It is the main body of rotary kiln (rotary kiln). The steel plate with the thickness of kiln shell steel plate of about 40mm is near the tire ring. Because of the large load-bearing, the kiln shell steel plate here is thicker. A layer of refractory bricks of about 200mm is laid inside the kiln shell. During the operation of the kiln shell, due to the relationship between high temperature and load, the kiln shell will have elliptical deformation, which will exert pressure on the kiln brick and affect the service life of the kiln brick. It is conical at the end of the kiln about one meter long, so that the material from the feed chamber of the preheater can enter the kiln more smoothly.

2. Thrust roller

The thrust roller is the limit switch to limit the eating or eating of the rotary kiln (rotary kiln). Because the supporting roller is wider than the kiln tire, in order to make the supporting roller and tire move up and down, the wear is uniform. The end face of the tire ring is provided with a thrust roller.

3. Tyre ring, supporting roller and bearing

Both the tire ring and the supporting roller are used to support the weight of the kiln. The fetal ring is sleeved on the kiln shell, which is not fixed with the kiln shell. An iron plate is added between the kiln shell and the fetal ring to keep the gap between the fetal ring and the kiln shell, which can not be too large or too small. If the gap is too small, the expansion of the kiln shell is limited by the tire ring, and the kiln brick is easy to be damaged. If the gap is too large, the relative movement and friction between the kiln shell and the tire ring will be more serious, and the elliptical deformation of the kiln shell will be more serious. Usually add lubricating oil between the two. We can estimate the elliptical deformation degree of kiln shell by the relative movement between kiln shell and fetal ring.

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