Main Influence of Main Exhaust Fan Shutdown on Rotary Kiln Equipment

时间:2015-03-17 作者 :adminhk

With the wide application of rotary kiln in modern industry, it has created great value for commercial users. Due to the long-term effective operation, irregular operation often causes failure and damage. Therefore, it is very important to strictly abide by its systematic thermal theory. Next, I will describe the main influence of the main exhaust fan closing of the equipment.

When the main exhaust fan of the system stops suddenly, the relevant operators shall stop feeding into the kiln, stop the coal decomposing furnace, close the water pump of the humidifying tower, and reduce the coal quantity of the kiln head and air. Volume of grate cooler. Adjust the vacuum pressure of kiln head, reduce the speed of boring machine and its system. When the main exhaust fan of the equipment is closed, the kiln speed shall be reduced accordingly to prevent the unburned materials from rushing to the kiln head and grate cooler, and to prevent excessive temperature rise. In the process of turning off the main exhaust fan of rotary kiln, the material distribution valve should be adjusted in time to make the material return to the homogeneous warehouse, so as to prevent the system air volume from being too small, resulting in the failure of blocking the accumulated material. In addition, after the main exhaust fan of the equipment stops, timely adjust the negative pressure of the kiln head, close the small air damping valve, and prevent a large amount of pulverized coal from entering the cooler. Excessive air volume will threaten the safety of electric dust collection.

It can be concluded that the reason of the main exhaust fan is that the bearing temperature of the fan and the coil temperature of the high-pressure motor are too high, and the oil temperature at the inlet and outlet of the hydraulic coupling is too high, which results in the oil supply temperature of the rotary kiln exceeding the upper limit or below the lower limit. In addition, the main exhaust fan of the system is overloaded (too much cold air enters the kiln, the kiln system collapses, and the voltage affects), so the main fan is generally started after troubleshooting, and can be started after the production confirms that the fan movement is stable. If the trouble shooting time is long, the kiln head should be intermittently charged with coal to ensure sufficient temperature and put into production immediately after the trouble is repaired.