Maintenance Principle of Rotary Kiln

时间:2015-02-28 作者 :admin

Rotary kiln is a basic type of kiln, its operation is simple and its production effect is also popular, especially in the production of high temperature resistant bricks. When we use the kiln for a long time, there will also be some failures, which is inevitable. When we are learning to maintain, we do not operate according to our own will, but more according to the principle of maintenance.

1. In large and medium-sized maintenance of rotary kiln, maintenance workers should first check whether the lubricating oil is clean and applicable, and then determine whether to replace the new oil.

2. When the new equipment is installed in the factory, it shall be thoroughly cleaned and then lubricated.

3. Regularly check whether the oil way of each production unit and operation equipment of the rotary kiln is smooth, whether the oil window is bright, whether there is oil leakage or not, and solve the problems in time if any

4. When changing the oil tank, the special operator shall replace it, and be responsible for the disassembly and cleaning of the oil and filter.

This is the introduction of the maintenance principle of the rotary kiln. The equipment failure is inevitable. In fact, as long as we have a set of mature maintenance standards, we can easily deal with the problem. In order to return the kiln to normal operation through maintenance, the standard maintenance operation method should be operated according to its principle. Only when we reach the operation standard, can we not damage the equipment.