Matters Needing Attention in Rotary Kiln Burning Waste

时间:2015-10-21 作者 :adminhk

All aspects of the rotary kiln's treatment of incinerated waste are strict, so we must pay attention to its waste incineration. Because its precautions are relatively fragmented, the editor will briefly explain from the following aspects.

   First, the temperature of the inlet and outlet must be controlled. Generally, the temperature of the exhaust gas at the inlet end is lower than 900°C, and the temperature of the clinker at the outlet end is lower than 1250°C.

Second, the carbon monoxide content in the rotary kiln and the kiln exhaust negative pressure must be measured at any time. When the carbon monoxide content exceeds the predetermined limit content or the kiln exhaust fan negative pressure is lower than the normal value at the rated output, attention must be paid .

   Third, control the feed rate. If the feed rate of raw meal powder is lower than 75% of the maximum feed rate, if the ratio between the rated value and the actual value of the primary fuel feed rate deviates from the allowable range, the operator needs to increase the feed rate.

  Fourth, the pollutant emission exceeds the standard. The dust emission exceeds the allowable limit value. This may be caused by the shutdown of the electrostatic precipitator, the exhaust exhaust fan, or the failure of the main burner. The operator must carefully check and eliminate it.

  We understand the precautions for incineration of waste in rotary kilns, which can achieve the purpose of harmless, reduction and resource treatment of garbage waste, and at the same time can achieve the role of environmental protection.