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Method for Replacing Pinion in Rotary Kiln


After a long time of use, the poor maintenance of the equipment leads to the noise of the equipment, which may be the manifestation of loose pinion. It is very important to check and replace the pinion in time to ensure the smooth operation of the rotary kiln. This paper expounds and supplements this knowledge from the method of replacing pinion.

The transmission part of rotary kiln is composed of pinion device, gear cover, big gear, etc. The drive bearing is on two double row self-aligning roller bearings, and the gear is a spur gear.

Installation of large gear:

Put the bottom gear cover in place and do not fix it temporarily;

Clean the antirust oil on the gear processing surface, especially the split surface, simplified flange and the connecting surface of the inlet and outlet end cover, smooth the convex marks caused by scratches, and check its flatness with a steel ruler;

During the process of placing the half gear from horizontal to vertical, the lower part must be placed with skids to avoid damaging the split surface;

Hoist the half gear and buckle it on the cylinder, put on the positioning bolt and connecting bolt, and add the preload. Rotate the cylinder, turn the half gear installed on the cylinder to the lower part, and then lift the other half. Similarly, close the two half gears on the cylinder, and then adjust and align them with the help of the adjusting bolts on the big gear until the radial circular runout and end face circular runout of the big gear meet the requirements of the drawing. Tighten all the closing bolts evenly.

Transmission type of transmission device: the transmission system adopts single transmission or double transmission, which is driven by one or two main transmission motors. The main transmission system is composed of main motor, main reducer, pinion, auxiliary transmission equipment, etc. The power supply of auxiliary transmission equipment is security power supply or self-contained generator, so as to facilitate installation, maintenance, drying of refractory materials and disc kiln operation in case of interruption of main power supply, and prevent bending and deformation of kiln barrel during kiln barrel cooling. The auxiliary motor is equipped with a brake to prevent the kiln from reversing under the eccentric action of materials and kiln skin after the motor stops.

The replacement method of rotary kiln is described from the following aspects:

1. Remove the pinion cover on the side of the fuel injection plate, and remove the oil seal baffle of the pinion cover before

2. Before removing the outer ring of the gear coupling between the pinion and the main gear reducer, drain the internal oil

3. Take out the bolts of the coupling

4. Remove the mounting bolts and baffle of pinion bearing body, and pull the bearing away from the center of rotary kiln

5. Move the whole to the repair shop, remove the oil seal baffle and side cover of the two bearings, remove the lower bearing cover, lift the pinion and pull out the bearing

6. Loosen the locking sleeve of the movable side bearing and remove it from the shaft. Remove the toothed coupling fixing the side bearing. Be careful not to scratch the shaft

7. Assemble in the reverse order of disassembly method. Be careful not to confuse the fixed side with the movable side

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