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Operation Inspection Steps of Electric Heating Rotary Kiln


During the operation of the electric heating rotary kiln, the parts will wear out over time, which reduces the reliability of the equipment during operation and even affects the output of the rotary kiln. Therefore, it is necessary to take the opportunity to repair it. The operation check steps are as follows:

   1. It is necessary to know whether its operating system under the vehicle is working properly and whether it can be transported to the required position.

   2. The seal between the kiln and the kiln

  3. The actual operation of the track in the kiln, whether there is a deformed part, will it affect the operation of the kiln car.

   4. Whether all the thermal insulation properties of the rotary kiln are damaged, and whether the heat dissipation capacity will increase after use.

   5. The sand sealing groove in the kiln, see if there is any deformation, and will it affect the sealing.

   6. Whether the cooling air system is operating well.

   7. Whether the waste heat extraction and smoke exhaust system work normally, and whether it affects the normal operation of the kiln.

   8. Whether there are cracks on the rotary kiln, will it cause air leakage in the kiln, and whether it can be repaired.

   9. Are there any obstructions in the ventilation ducts and whether the ventilation of the entire kiln is unobstructed.

   10. Check whether the inner passage is smooth, whether there are obstacles that affect the cooling system under the vehicle, and whether the cooling fan under the vehicle is running well.

Electric Heating Rotary Kiln

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