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Operation Principle of Rotary Kiln


Under the premise of ensuring stable quality and long-term safe operation, the operation principle of rotary kiln shall be followed, and the system process operation and adjustment management shall be strengthened, so as to steadily increase the output. This article tells you the operation principle of rotary kiln.

1. The five stability and one stability of the system: a. the chemical composition of raw meal is stable; B. the feeding quantity of raw meal is stable; C. The chemical composition of coal powder is stable; D. the feeding quantity of coal powder is stable; e. the operation of mechanical equipment is stable; and the working condition of the burning system is stable.

2. Five stability and one stability in operation: A. stable raw material feeding quantity; B. stable head coal feeding quantity; C. stable tail coal feeding quantity; D. stable system air consumption; e. stable kiln speed; and stable thermal system.

3. Five relationships need to be handled: a. the relationship between air consumption of rotary kiln and decomposing furnace (adjustment of tertiary air valve); B. the relationship between kiln and coal mill; C. The relationship between kiln and raw meal mill; D. the relationship between waste heat power generation and air consumption of kiln (air consumption of grate cooler); e. the relationship between raw meal storage and ash return storage;

4. Stabilize the temperature of the kiln and give consideration to both the front and the back. Move the air coal first and then the kiln speed.

5. The wind coal shall be reasonably coordinated and used, and the flame length, strength and position shall be controlled.

6. Feed evenly, stabilize kiln speed and keep material load stable.

7. Pay attention to the maintenance of kiln skin to realize long-term safe operation.

8. Increase the kiln speed first and then the output.

9. No air leakage.

10. The operation of the three shifts is unified, that is, three shifts guarantee one kiln.

In addition to the safety operation rules, the operation principles should also be followed when operating the rotary kiln, which are indispensable. Our staff should pay special attention to these two points, and conduct pre job training for employees when necessary.

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