Price of 300-500tpd Environmental Protection and Energy Saving Lime Kiln

时间:2020-11-23 作者 :adminhk

In recent years, with the increasing pressure of the national environmental protection policy, the production technology and product quality of old kilns have gradually been unable to meet the needs of modern production. Energy saving and environmental protection has become a major criterion for environmental protection in China. Therefore, it requires lime kiln manufacturers to actively rectify production technology and develop new environmental protection and energy-saving lime kilns in accordance with the requirements of national environmental protection policies, so as to ban the traditional old kilns.

What are the environmental protection and energy-saving lime kilns with daily treatment capacity of 300-500 tons

First of all, the daily output of the equipment depends on its hourly production and working hours. Taking Hongke heavy industry's lime kiln equipment as an example, the daily work of 8 hours is calculated (the hourly production is 37.5-62.5 tons), which can meet the requirements of 300-500 tons of model specifications, roughly more than 20 kinds.

How much does it cost to invest in such an environment-friendly and energy-saving lime kiln (300-500 tons per day)

Although the price of lime kiln in the market is relatively moderate, about 1-2 million yuan, the cost quotation of different specifications of equipment is not equal. The first reason is that a complete set of lime kiln will be composed of kiln body, feeding device, distributing device, combustion device, ash discharging device, electrical appliance, instrument control device, dust removal device, etc. you should know that these configurations are all reasonable According to the actual needs of customers, flexible selection and erection can be carried out, so the corresponding lime kiln quotation is different due to different configurations; reason 2: there are more than one lime kiln specifications in the same output value range. The larger the model, the more consumables, so the corresponding quotation will be higher. Therefore, in general, how much money will it cost to invest in such an environmental protection and energy-saving lime kiln According to customer's actual output and equipment configuration. However, here is to remind you: because different lime kilns produce different lime activity, it is very important to choose a suitable lime kiln for us.

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