Significance of Sludge Incineration in Chemical Rotary Kiln

时间:2020-05-11 作者 :adminhk

Chemical rotary kiln incineration is a means of sludge disposal, it uses high temperature to thoroughly oxidize and decompose the harmful substances in sludge, so as to achieve the purpose of sludge reduction and harmless. Let's have a specific understanding.

1. Sludge incineration is the use of high-temperature rotary kiln to completely oxidize and decompose the organic matter in the sludge, so as to achieve reduction and harmless to a certain extent. It is a more thorough treatment method in the current sludge treatment, which is usually used for the treatment of toxic and harmful organic sludge and surplus sludge. Ethylene wastewater treatment plant is mainly used to treat wastewater from ethylene plants. A large number of sludge and excess sludge from primary sedimentation tank are produced in the production process. These sludge contains a lot of organic matter, microorganism and other pollutants. After concentration, dosing and dehydration, sludge incineration treatment is adopted;

2. The key equipment of chemical rotary kiln sludge incineration device C6d is counter current rotary furnace, which uses heavy oil as fuel to incinerate sludge cake at high temperature, and the high temperature section in the furnace reaches a certain temperature. In the process of combustion, sludge cake not only consumes a lot of energy, but also produces a lot of ash, waste slag, waste water and waste gas. In order to ensure the safe and stable operation of the plant, reduce energy consumption and make the three wastes meet the discharge standard, the operation control of the sludge incinerator is analyzed in depth, and the measures for optimizing the operation are put forward, which has practical significance.

The above is about the chemical rotary kiln incineration sludge significance specific introduction.