The Significance of Current Control of Rotary Kiln

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When the rotary kiln is in normal production, the firing temperature is the key to determining the quality of the clinker, and the current of the main engine is the representative that can reflect the firing temperature. The high current of the kiln main engine indicates that the amount of liquid phase formed by clinker calcination is large, and the kiln belt lifts more materials, and the low main engine current is vice versa. The control of the current of the main engine is to control the amount of liquid phase, not the firing temperature. The amount of liquid phase is determined by the composition of the raw fuel material and the firing temperature.

How much should the current of the rotary kiln be controlled?

Generally speaking, it depends on the calcination condition of the kiln. The higher the output is, the higher the output is, and the lower the output is vice versa. Theoretically, when the KH is high and the same sintering temperature appears, the amount of liquid phase is less, the material lifted by the kiln belt is less, and the current of the main engine is less. In order to ensure the quality of the clinker, it is necessary to increase the sintering temperature, and it is appropriate to increase the amount. It should be said that the same high host current is enough. However, in order to ensure the quality of the clinker, it is often necessary to appropriately increase the host current when the KH is high, and vice versa when the KH is low.

How to control the main motor current?

To stabilize the coal head, adjust the temperature of the calciner by controlling the coal consumption of the calciner to achieve the purpose of controlling the current of the main engine.

How to determine the amount of coal in the kiln head?

It is calculated by the heat balance formula of clinker calcination. Generally, it should be calculated according to the standard coal consumption under normal conditions, and the ratio of head and tail coal should be 40:60. When you feed for the first time, there is no record of standard coal consumption, and it can be calculated based on the heat consumption at the time of design. If the clinker hour is 245t, the formula for calculating the first coal consumption is 245t*design heat consumption*7000/the calorific value of pulverized coal entering the kiln*0.4. When some heat is brought into the raw meal, it is also necessary to calculate the comprehensive heat consumption of the clinker.


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